Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Little Print Jewellery you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions laid out below.

Approval of jewellery goods:

At Little Print Jewellery (LPJ) the outmost care is taken in the craftsmanship of your jewellery piece/s. LPJ believes you will be delighted with your goods purchased. LPJ cannot accept returns on personalized and bespoke pieces as all items are made specifically for you. The silver cannot be re-used. Your piece is made to order, organic and is unique to you or the person you are buying the goods for. If you just simply do not like the result, a refund cannot be offered. LPJ will only offer refunds or exchanges for the following reasons:

  1. if the item ordered has not been supplied
  2. if the item is not made to the stated specifications
  3. if the item is faulty – then it will be repaired or replaced

On ordering, very precise details are taken and you as the client must check the spelling of names, dates, shapes, the finished look and any other details before signing. Please therefore ensure you order correctly with LPJ, as LPJ cannot be held responsible for incorrect instructions.

All items are checked before sending out. If LPJ has made a mistake on your order, please ensure you call at once and within 7 days of receiving your order. We can then discuss sending the order back and the mistake can be rectified.

Details on silver clay and fingerprints:

All silver pieces will shrink up to 10% when fired. Please be aware when choosing the size of your piece. Everyone’s fingerprint is unique and the definition of a fingerprint may be less defined in some than others. LPJ cannot be held accountable for a less well- defined print on their jewellery piece.

LPJ advises direct print taking into silver clay is inappropriate for children under 4 months because it can bruise tiny fingers that still have a low bone density. Fingerprints of children under this age can still be captured using our mould and casting method. However, babies don’t develop mature fingerprints until they are three years old, so I would always suggest foot or hand print jewellery for your keepsake baby or toddler keepsake piece.

N.B. If you are using a mould, the print on your jewellery will be as good as your print into the mould. Therefore, please ensure you take a good clean and clear print into the mould. The mould whilst moist can be reworked and another attempt made.

Use and care of your silver goods:

All pendants and charms are .999 fine silver. This silver is softer than .925 silver and needs to be handled with care. Wear and tear will occur in items worn or used everyday and detail may fade. Charm bracelets and key rings will be knocked when struck against hard surfaces. It is recommended that you remove your silver when in the sea, swimming, in a Jacuzzi or sauna. A polishing cloth is recommended for cleaning your item. Do not use a silver polishing liquid or dip as imprint details will be affected. Cufflink bars and jump rings will break if handled brusquely.

Jewellery made by LPJ is for adult wear. If intended for children, please note some pieces may be small and be a choking hazard.


All goods supplied by LPJ are guaranteed free from imperfections in materials or workmanship for 6 months from completion. After this time, an “After care Service” is offered and charges are supplied on request.

Payment of goods:

Payment must be made on placing your order either by cash or a bank transfer. Jewellery will not be worked on until payment has been received in full.

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Terms and Conditions