I use Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which was designed in the early 1990s in Japan by metallurgist Masaki Morikawa. PMC contains small silver particles, a non-toxic organic binder and water. In this state, it resembles clay and has the same properties as potter's clay. When the piece is dry and the design complete, it can be fired. The organic binder burns off and the silver particles fuse together and you are left with pure (99.9%) silver.

With PMC, I can offer a variety of techniques to adorn your silver pieces. A fingerprint can be placed directly into the clay and variety of shaped cutters used to form a pendant. A hand or footprint can be taken and converted into photo polymer plates to be used in the clay. This same technique can also be used for children's first doodles, scribbles or a drawing. In addition, I can take your cat or dog's paw and even dog's nose as well as kiss imprints!

When working on fingerprints, I like to place my client's finger directly into the clay for a perfect finish. We can make an appointment and you can come to my home at a time that suits you. I know how hard it can be to juggle the logistics of family life! I only ask that children are not too tired, hungry or energetic as it can be hard to get a good fingerprint. Once we have discussed your requirements, I work with the clay, rolling and shaping it, before gently pressing your or your child's finger into it. If logistically it is too hard to get to me, not to worry, I can send you a mould in the post with simple instructions. On receiving the mould, I can start on your commission which I will then send to you when completed by Special Delivery for a small fee of £10.

I use an inkless wipe for lip, paw, hand or footprint charms. You can either come to my home, I could come to you (if you are local) or send you a kit, with simple instructions, in the post for you to take the print yourself. Once I have the print, I can work on the image to produce your beautiful bespoke piece.


I then carry out the next processes on my own within my home, drying the clay, sanding, hand engraving and then placing each charm in my kiln. Once the product is hardened in the kiln, I polish and finish the product to a very high standard, taking on board your exact requirements to produce your jewellery piece.

All of my pieces are placed in beautiful LPJ boxes.

Delivery will be up to two weeks from taking the initial order and receiving full payment. If you require an item urgently, I will always try and meet your needs. For an additional charge, I would aim to turn your item around in 48 hours.

If there is a small group of you or you are part of a new NCT group and there is a minimum of four of you, I can take your fingerprint impressions or hand and footprints in the comfort of one of your homes. I can bring lots of examples of my work and spend as much time as is required with you to create the perfect pieces of your little ones. I would ensure the party host received a discount on any purchases, dependant on the amount spent at the jewellery party.


I work at many local street and school fairs intermittently throughout the year taking prints and showcasing Little Print Jewellery and Accessories' items. The up to date details of my future visits are posted on my Facebook page. I also visit local playgroups and shops. If you would like Little Print Jewellery to visit, please just give me a call and I would love to be given the opportunity to show you my work.


With all of my products, I am able to hand engrave names, small comments, special occasions or dates on the front and reverse of the charms. Unfortunately prints can only appear on one side of the charm and writing must not interfere with the print in any way.

In addition, a variety of different finishes can be provided. For example, a discreet brushed oxidized look, polished with print detail blackened, a stone or a coloured resin added to your hand or footprint. The choices are endless but the key thing is that your special bespoke jewellery piece is just as you want it.

I will discuss your exact requirements with you when taking your order.

Necklaces - prices from £100


I produce beautiful pendant necklaces that are very striking and timeless pieces. Whether it is a single pendant with two fingerprints, a stacked double or triple pendant, you will want to wear it every second of the day.

I provide two types of chain for your pendant. The snake chain has tightly woven links, comes in different diameters and lengths and is finished with a lobster clasp. It is a very elegant and sleek chain that works perfectly with your pendant.

I can also provide pendants on fine leather and they come in a variety of lengths and colours. The necklace is finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Alternatively, a fine belcher linked chain works equally well.

I can also provide pendants on a black leather necklace. The necklace is finished off with a silver clasp.

If you require a particular type of necklace, I would be more than happy to source it for you and let you know of the cost.

Bracelets - prices from £95

I carry two types of bracelets - a lovely bangle and a simple oval cable bracelet with a ring and bar "toggle" style fastener. Again, if you would like me to source a particular style of bracelet, just let me know.

The bracelets can carry as many print charms as you wish. I solder all of the charms onto the bracelet where possible. I can also provide a variety of small silver shell and flower charms.

Key Ring - prices from £110


I provide a simple split ring key ring in solid sterling silver, which can have one or more charms attached easily. I ensure the jump ring of the charm is soldered to ensure additional security.I would recommend that a key ring is weighty, making it lovely to handle and able to cope with wear and tear.

Cufflinks - prices from £110

I provide the bar cufflink which is easy to fasten to one's shirt, simple, modern and timeless. I find chain cufflinks are too fiddly for my clients.

If you have three or more children, I can of course do additional cufflinks. It would then be up to the wearer as to which child's cufflink s/he wears!


Charms - prices from £40

I provide charms to add to personalised jewellery that you may already have. I ensure a small jump ring is soldered for extra security and can provide a split jump ring so that you can transfer your charm to your chosen jewellery piece easily. Please note, I do not take client's personalised jewellery to work on.

Gift vouchers


If you get stuck or run out of time, why don't you organize a gift voucher to send to a friend. I provide a choice of hand-made cards to send out with the voucher.

I will be looking into other products in due course and will keep you updated on my new and exciting ideas. If meanwhile you have an idea, why not call me to talk it through? I am always open to ideas and suggestions.

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